Actors headshots and portraits

Compelling portraits of actors reveal character. Laughing between two headshots, a casual glance, a moment between two poses. Regardless of whether I take pictures of models for an agency, of actors and actresses for their comp cards, or business portraits for a company website, it is my goal to catch an authentic look or sincere emotions so your portrait will stand out among the rest.

With Polina on the parking deck: Actor’s portraits in Berlin

I've already met Polina several times to capture authentic street portraits with her. Last summer, the actress and DJ came from New York to Berlin, and of course we met again for a quick photo session ...
5. May 2017

Summer, sun … and portrait photos of an actress on the shores of Schlachtensee

You want to see sunshine again? Enjoy memories of August? Feel the summer heat? Well here you are! Last summer I met up with the actress Kathrin Becker on the shores of Schlachtensee. We wanted to go ...
19. March 2017

Business portraits at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin

It was on a Sunday in January when I met Olaf for a business shoot at Potsdamer Platz. I'm not a fan of oversized shopping centers, but sometimes they're a nice fit for an urban portrait session.  ...
16. February 2017

With Polina in Mitte: street portraits of an actress

I already worked with Polina, an actress and DJ, last November in Neukölln, and was happy to see her again this year. We captured authentic street portraits while wandering the sidewalks and courtyard ...
16. February 2017

Portraits in Kreuzberg – Meeting Marta at Kottbusser Tor

Kottbusser Tor is a great place to shoot lively street portraits – even if you wouldn't necessarily think so at first glance. Last week I met Marta at Kotti, and I especially like the February melanch ...
16. February 2017

Actor’s portraits at Berlin’s Hermannplatz in Neukölln

Two days ago, I met the actress and DJ Polina Kolenitchenko for a quick portrait session at Berlin's Hermannplatz. We didn't have much time, but we didn't need it. Just a few shots, and there you go: ...
14. November 2014