Authentic business headshots

I much prefer business photographs that have nothing business-like about them at all. Where all is ease, authentic, no frills. Photographs that portray you as you really are. Successful portraits always allow a glimpse of character to shine through. This is something that your clients, employers or your business partners will know to appreciate.

Strolling around Kreuzberg – A business portrait session

Lena is currently doing a PhD in philosophy and needed a portrait picture for a website. She wanted it to take place outdoors, in her neighborhood, in a natural and relaxed mood – and certainly no «th ...
16. February 2017

Business portraits at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin

It was on a Sunday in January when I met Olaf for a business shoot at Potsdamer Platz. I'm not a fan of oversized shopping centers, but sometimes they're a nice fit for an urban portrait session.  ...
16. February 2017

Laughing’s allowed — portraits of a professional in Prenzlauer Berg

The business portraits I like the best are the ones that, well, aren’t all business! Today’s corporate headshots can be more casual, personal, and authentic — laughing is definitely allowed! ...
16. February 2017

Hoodies and blazers: casual business headshots on Potsdamer Platz

I often head to Potsdamer Platz for contemporary business portraits. The range of backdrops, from dynamic to understated, work equally well for business headshots in a smart blazer as for website or p ...
3. February 2017